Product Basics

Aflac Accident Policy

 1 in 8 people will seek medical attention for an injury. Aflac's accident policy covers emergency treatment due to an accident. It also pays for an annual wellness benefit. 

Aflac Cancer Policy

 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with some form of cancer. Aflac's cancer policy covers initial diagnosis of cancer, cancer treatments, skin cancer and has a wellness benefit. 

Aflac Hospital Policy

 Aflac's hospital policy covers everything from hospital stays to doctor's visits and more.  

Aflac Critical Care Policy

Also, called Critical Care and Recovery, this policy covers everything from strokes to heart attacks and everything in between. Hospital stays are covered as well as surgery.  

Aflac Plus Rider

The Plus Rider is a type of coverage that can be added onto some of Aflac's policies that provides additional coverage in the form of one lump sum payment. Check out the brochure to see everything that's covered.